Laura Clauzel was raised in France. She graduated from the Auvray-Nauroy drama school and from the Sorbonne University where she received her history Master. To pursue part of her studies, she participated to different intensives at the Martha Graham School and at L'Ina, The National Audiovisual Institute. She trained her voice and herself in music with artists Amnon Beham and Olav Benestvedt (Roy Hart technique).

Her professional career has been focused on the diversity of artistic forms which lead her to collaborate with cineasts, french writers, stage directors and musicians. Laura has worked with stage directors on European masterpieces. She has sung in domestic and international music scenes within different artistic formations and has performed in various French and international restaurants. She frequently gives her voice to Museums like "Le Grand Palais" - Vallotton and Braque exhibits- , for composers and for short films collaborating with Luc Martin and Franz Griers.

Every year, she takes part to the festival called "ON n'arrête pas le théâtre", set up by Stephane Auvray-Nauroy and Julien Kosellek. This festival gathers comedians, musicians, dancers, students working on all the artistic forms that stimulate creation.

In 2012, Laura along with prestigious musician Yuta Masuda, created their first Cabaret d'Amour about the french love songs. A year after, they kept on the show with an other Cabaret d'Amour about the unknown Edith Piaf's songs.

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